What is Spray Foam Insulation?

There are so many types of insulation out there that can help make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable. Spray foam insulation is a great product that can do so much for your home and its overall energy efficiency. Knowing what type of insulation is going to work for you can make a huge difference. 

What is Spray Insulation?

Spray foam insulation is made of two different types of resin, isocyanate and polyol resin that has been made into foam. It is then pumped out through a sprayer that is designed specifically for the foam so that it flows properly and smoothly. 

This type of insulation works to help reduce heat transfer, prevent heat loss, and to help keep your home at a steady temperature so that you can prevent high energy bills during months when the temperatures fluctuate greatly. 

Where is Spray Foam Insulation Used?

 Spray insulation is a wonderful thing because it can be used anywhere in the home. It can be used between drywall, it can be used in attic spaces, it can be used nearly anywhere. Since it is not large like fiberglass insulation, it can be sprayed in a specific area then it will expand to fit the area where it was sprayed. 

This type of insulation is going to be great if you have strangely shaped spaces, if you have very tight spaces, or if you have areas that are going to be hard to insulate with traditional fiberglass insulation. This type of … Read More

Things To Do When Preparing For A Roof Repair

Roof replacement is a great investment that will pay off for many years. Reggie Reed Roofing is your expert in roofing repair in St. Petersburg FL. Here are some tips to help you ensure success.

Hire A Reliable Roofer

It is best to contact a contractor immediately you see damage to your roof. Do not attempt to repair the damage yourself. This could cause more harm than good. The process will go more smoothly if you choose the right roofer.

Check the background of a contractor on reliable online sites like Better Business Bureau. Positive reviews indicate that contractors are able to deliver on their promises and satisfy clients. It is a great way of ensuring the quality of their work by hiring factory-certified roofers.

Reggie Reed Roofing proudly holds the GAF Master Elite (TM) certification. This is a distinction that is only given to the top 3% of roofing contractors in the region. Our outstanding services in Tampa, FL commercial roofing have helped us maintain a great standing with the BBB over the years.

Create a Budget

After you have chosen a contractor, it is time to establish a budget. To help you determine an approximate cost, consult your contractor about the materials and upgrades that are required. We have access to all of GAF’s roofing shingles so we can offer the highest quality materials for your home. GAF’s three-tab shingles are a great value and offer excellent quality at an affordable price. This is backed up by the … Read More

Mobile Home Roof Restore Options

home repairing roof

How Often Should You Exchange Your Roof Shingles?

Doing so may help households save on heating and cooling prices whereas staying protected and healthy. Tile roofs should at all times be maintained by a professional roofer. Stepping on tiles to seek for a leak can easily result in additional injury. Sealants must be appropriate with the roofing materials and utterly weatherproof. A polyurethane or silicone caulking will often supply long-lasting weatherproof results.

Scrape away old sealant, wipe away debris, and dry the area thoroughly before applying a new compound. Use a thin, flexible putty knife to use roof cement to small cracks within the sealant round chimneys, pipes, or different joined surfaces.

The Way To Replace A Toilet Faucet

Latex and butyl rubber caulk or sealants are not really helpful as a result of they could shrink and crack over time. Wrap the flashing across the joint and seal it with roofing cement or caulk. If there are nail holes on the flashing’s edge, drive galvanized roofing nails into them. If a small space of flashing is rusted, slide a brand new piece of galvanized steel flashing beneath the failing area, then seal it with roofing cement.

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Shingle Is The Most Affordable Roofing Material

For small gaps on the steel or rubber collar of an uncovered pipe or vent, apply a bead of waterproof silicone-based caulk with a caulking gun. If you haven’t already tracked down the leak, comply with the same steps as you’d for any other roofing material.… Read More