Synthetic Turf: A Safer and Better Play Surface

When you cheer on your team on the field, you might notice the bright, pristine surface. Synthetic turf fields have become a popular choice for athletic fields in the United States because they are durable, require less maintenance, and perform well. They are also a cost-effective alternative to natural grass fields, which need a lot of upkeep and can wear out quickly.

You might wonder what makes up the beautiful surface of an artificial turf field. Understanding the parts of a synthetic turf system can be complex, so let’s break it down.

The Four Main Components of Synthetic Turf

  1. Base: This is the foundation of the turf system.
  2. Optional Cushion: Highly recommended for extra comfort and safety.
  3. Turf Carpet: The visible layer that looks like grass.
  4. Infill: Tiny particles spread between the turf fibers.

In this guide, we will focus on the types of synthetic turf fibers and how they benefit your field.

The 3 Types of Artificial Turf for Sports Fields

The key to understanding the different types of artificial turf is the fibers or “blades” of the turf. These fibers are usually made of polyethylene and are stitched into the carpet to look like real grass. Good artificial turf fibers should have low friction, be resistant to wear, and stay stable in high temperatures. Let’s look at the different types of synthetic turf fibers.

1. Slit-Film Turf Fibers

These fibers are wide and form a honeycomb or net-like structure. They cover the infill and absorb heavy impacts, like kicks, drags, tackles, and slides. This type of turf is durable and provides great agility for athletes.

2. Monofilament Turf Fibers

These blades stand straight and tall, closely resembling natural grass. Monofilament turf looks attractive and offers a playing surface similar to real grass.

3. Dual Fiber

This hybrid system combines monofilament and slit-film fibers to create a turf that can handle heavy use. Dual fiber systems give any artificial turf field a lush, full appearance.

The type of turf you choose depends on your sport and the field performance you need. We offer customized turf systems with all three types of fibers.

Innovative Synthetic Turf Systems

We provide four different synthetic turf systems designed to support competitive play. Our advanced, customized synthetic turf systems meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and durability.

Slit-Film Synthetic Turf Fibers

Twenty Four/Seven is a versatile turf option for multi-use fields. Its slit-film fibers are crosshatched to reduce infill flyout, keeping your field looking its best. This turf is ideal for sports like football, soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey.

For lacrosse and field hockey, the slit-film fibers create a C-shaped surface that supports optimal performance and reduces maintenance by keeping the infill in place.

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