29 Elegant Tuscan Kitchen Ideas

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Brighten Up A Kitchen With Touches Of Greenery

It doesn’t should scream “I’m a mirror!” both — simply place it underneath your cabinetry for a is-it-there-is-it-not-there look.Mirrors also make for good trays. Slap some felt on the back and increase — computerized DIY success. Add bookshelves, a bench, or other multi-function items to seal the deal. Long gone are the times when the kitchen was simply the kitchen. Now, the living room is the dining room, the kitchen is the common space, and the eating room could even be for show. To kill two birds with one stone, grow them yourself in your kitchen window! What a cute little way to spruce up your kitchen and jazz up your meals.

If you don’t have room for a big hanging shade or lamps in your counter tops, a sconce is an easy way to go. Some are incredibly easy to attach … Read More