4 Roofing Upgrades Ideas

Re-roofing can be a great investment, even though it is not the most exciting. A quality roof will improve the property’s value and longevity. Although the roof serves a functional purpose, it should also be considered an artistic feature. There are many ways to make your roofing more attractive than ever. It is important to select roofing materials that complement the exterior of your home. You should also consider other features that can improve climate control and ventilation. These are five roof improvements that you should think about when you want to re-roof.

  1. Choose an energy-efficient Shingle RoofShingle roofs are the oldest form of roofing. Despite being a reliable roofing option for homes for more than 100 years, technology has improved significantly over the past few years. There are many choices for homeowners and architects regarding shingles. They can choose from many styles and colors to complement their property’s exterior. Reflective shingles are an excellent choice if the property is in a sunny area. Reflective shingles reflect sunlight through their granulated surface, helping to reduce interior cooling costs by up to 15%
  2. Gutters are low-maintenance and highly recommended. They direct water away from your home and help prevent brickwork and moisture damage. Older gutters require regular maintenance. They can also become blocked easily. Modern gutters are seamless and less likely to leak. They don’t trap leaves and other clogging materials as easily. Gutters today come in many colors. These gutters can be matched to your roofline.
  3. Roof ventilation should be improved. Attics that aren’t properly ventilated can turn into furnaces in summer. The heat in the attic heats the rooms below, making them uncomfortable. Ridge vents will help keep your home and attic cooler by installing them on your roof. Ridge vents are invisible from the street, and allow air movement beneath the ridge cap. Vents located under the eaves let cool airflow into the attic, while hot air is being blown away. To provide sufficient airflow, gable vents should be located near the roof peak on exterior walls. A cooler attic will make your home more comfortable in summer without the need to install air conditioning.
  4. Make sure your chimney cap is secure. A chimney cap will ensure your chimney’s safety as well as its functionality. When your fireplace is not in use, warm air can seep out of the chimney. The damper in your fireplace’s chimney may not be effective at stopping it from leaking because it isn’t properly sealed. Ask your roofer for a chimney cap to be installed while your roof is being repaired.

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