4 Unique Bathroom Renovation Ideas

The bathroom renovation is one of the most important parts of any building, but many people don’t really care about appearance. In fact, the bathroom is one part of the building that is most frequently visited by both residents and guests. Therefore, bathroom renovation is important to do. The following are some unique ideas for your bathroom renovation:

Bathroom Renovation

Addition of Ornamental Plants

Adding plant elements is one way to change the appearance of your bathroom to be more attractive. You can place ornamental plants such as bamboo, mother-in-law’s tongue, ivory betel, sri fortune, chrysanthemum flowers, or flower cactus. Apart from giving a natural and natural impression to the room, placing plants in the bathroom also makes the air feel fresher and has a calming effect on the occupants of the house.

Use of Stained Window Glass

Stained glass is a kind of decorative glass that has certain colors. Generally, one sheet of stained glass has more than one particular color and motif. This type of glass is identical to the windows of important buildings such as churches and mosques, but it turns out that this decorative glass can also be used to decorate bathrooms at home. Choose color combinations and glass motifs that are in harmony with the overall concept of your bathroom. Stained glass can give your bathroom windows a very unique touch.

Decorative Mirror Touch

Not only glass, mirrors can also be used to change the appearance of the bathroom to be more attractive. You can change the size, shape or model of the mirror to add a certain impression. You can try using long mirrors, circular mirrors, or adding decorations in the form of small mirrors hanging on the bathroom wall. In addition to the shape and size of the mirror, pay attention to the placement of the mirror according to the lighting. Placement of mirrors and proper lighting can make your bathroom look very elegant.

Merging of Old and New Furniture

Another unique idea that you can apply when renovating your bathroom is combining old furniture with new furniture. You only need to place your old furniture that is still usable side by side with contemporary furniture. An example of its application is the use of an antique table made of wood with a modern sink made of ceramic. This combination can produce a very unique combination of antique and modern impressions.