4 Ways to Improve Your Home Without Adding Foundation But Safe

Sometimes when you build a house, you don’t consider whether the house is sufficient or not. But when you have kids who grow up and need a private bedroom then you think about a lot more space. Things like this are natural and can happen to everyone. It’s just that you don’t need to be sorry because you can change the house design according to the type of residence.

One solution you need to think about is a way to make a one-story house to two floors. However, this is also not an easy way to do it because the consideration of the structure of the lower part of the building is very important. If the structure under the building is not strong, the house can collapse and harm you. Below we will provide an overview of several ways to improve a house without adding a foundation, but it is safe.

Use of GRC floor slabs

Actually, how to make a level house foundation to be strong is very necessary. It’s just that when you don’t think about making a level house, the foundation will be made with different proportions of materials. But to avoid adding a level house foundation, you can use GRC floor slabs. The purpose of using this material is to get a new room above but it does not increase the burden on the foundation of the house. GRC floor plate size (glassfiber reinforced cement) can be selected from 15 mm.

Then the type of frame used for floor plates can be from wood frames. GRC itself is a very lightweight material made of cement, glassfiber and sand. Glassfiber will function to replace the main bone function which is usually made of concrete. So finally with this material arrangement, you can make additional floors without adding to the heavy burden of the previous foundation. Another advantage of using GRC is that it can be installed quickly and the GRC sheet is also very light. Generally, GRC is widely used to arrange additional bedrooms on the second floor. And don’t make the room attractive, you can design the bedroom design.

Use of gypsum for walls

After you find a material that is suitable for the floor, consider considering light and quality wall materials. One material that you can consider is gypsum which is strong enough for walls. If you use bricks, the foundation load below will indeed be heavier. Moreover, the use of bricks still requires iron as the root of the building and cement. Gypsum walls can be an interesting idea and can be easily installed right away.

The gypsum wall shape itself is lightweight and is installed directly with panels that can be purchased easily. It’s just that for each wall you have to use two gypsum walls then the center is filled with glass wool which functions as a sound suppressor.

It’s just that the use of this wall material has weaknesses such as if you knock it hard, it sounds like plywood. Gypsum walls are also not strong enough to hold nails so it is difficult to install wall hangings. But it doesn’t matter because if you want to use it for the bedroom, you can copy a unique bedroom interior design.

The use of wood materials

A very interesting design for making multilevel floors without a foundation is to use wood. Basically you still need to change the top wall and increase the space for the top. So that the short roof concept must be changed to a higher one.

Then the level house design in this house is made completely with wood material. Wood began to be used as a support pole and room floor. The wooden poles used as supports should be planted in the underground soil so that its strength is guaranteed.

Then for the choice of floors can be used from wood planks that are strong but light. Indeed, to make this additional floor, you must choose the highest quality wood material. Guaranteed quality wood materials will make the house strong and minimal renovation costs. You can choose the type of wood such as teak wood which does not like termites.

A sign that teak wood is suitable for use is very hard wood, the color of the wood is old, the wood has been soaked in water for several years or months. Then for walls can be used from plywood or gypsum walls like tip number 2 above. This way you don’t need to add to the foundation. And because the main building material is wood, avoid all causes of termites in the house.

Add a building wall

Of course, if the design of your house is not made of two floors, usually the height of the building walls is only made standard. This makes it difficult to apply or add space at the top. But because you have to make the second floor, you have to prepare a bigger budget.

The trick is to increase the height of the walls. Previously you had to do a foundation test by means of the Sloof technique. If it is safe then you can increase the height of the wall. Of course, the roof must also be changed so that it follows the construction of the height of the walls.

After adding the walls, you can arrange the second floor in the house. Pay attention to choosing the location of the vent when adding a brick wall so that a lot of air enters the second floor. Floor materials that can be used for second floors such as GRC or wood materials. Then for the walls you can use gypsum or plywood material. Basically, this design can be adjusted according to the needs of the second floor. So that way you don’t need to add a foundation or change the foundation of your one-story house.