Easy Weekly Pool Maintenance Tips to Try Today

Maintaining a swimming pool isn’t always straightforward. However, there are some general tips that all pool owners can follow to keep their pools clean and in good condition.

Weekly Pool Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your pool clean. Here are some steps to incorporate into your weekly routine:

1. Skim Debris

Skimming the water surface is your first defense against a dirty pool. Remove any floating leaves, bugs, or other debris from the surface. Doing this daily can help reduce your overall pool maintenance efforts. A guide to pool maintenance by eBay notes that debris left floating will eventually sink, becoming harder to remove once it settles at the bottom.

2. Clean the Strainer Basket

Keeping the strainer basket clean is essential for maintaining pool health. A basket cleared out weekly will perform better than one that’s constantly filled with leaves and debris. eBay’s maintenance guide suggests that shaking out the basket after removing it helps clean it effectively.

3. Brush the Walls and Tile of Your Pool/Vacuum It

Vacuuming your pool weekly helps keep the water clearer for longer. Use the special vacuum designed for your pool to clean the bottom and sides as you would with a regular vacuum. Brushing the tiles and walls also helps minimize algae growth and prevent calcium deposits.

4. How to Clean the Pool Filter

You don’t need to clean your pool filter every week, but it is crucial to do so at least once every two months. Most swimming pool experts recommend cleaning the filter every three to four months. Keeping your pool filter in good condition makes weekly maintenance much easier.

5. Check and Maintain the pH and Water Levels

It’s important to check the water level every week. Water is constantly lost due to splashing and evaporation. If the water level gets too low, it can damage the pump.

By following these steps, you can keep your pool clean and enjoyable for everyone who uses it.

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