Important Tips before Building a Basement

Basement actually have a lot of functions. Usually the basement is used as a place to store items that are rarely used or no longer used. However, many people also use the basement as an additional room. Here are some important things to consider before you build a basement:


Smooth Air Circulation

As is well known, in general, the basement is under the house and is a closed room. So it can be concluded that the oxygen level needed in the room is certainly getting bigger. For a basement that doesn’t have proper air circulation, it will certainly feel damp and stuffy. This will certainly cause you to find it difficult to breathe, so that the room becomes less comfortable to live in. For this reason, the solution is that you can install an exhaust fan so that air circulation from outside can enter the room.

Building Costs

Previously, when you wanted to do construction, it was very important to ensure that the budget you had was sufficient to build all the components of the building along with the furniture and equipment in it. If construction is stopped for reasons of insufficient funds, it will result in the robustness of the house being weakened. For this reason, you should calculate the budget starting from the materials needed, such as wages for labor, furniture and other equipment.

Pay attention to the Outer Safety Limit Line

The safety outer boundary line or also known as the border. This is the line defined when building the room. The path must be built parallel to the road and the ground level around the house in order to strengthen the basement building. However, it is necessary to ensure that the demarcation line does not block the equipment installed underground.

Pay attention to Basement Building Materials

When building a basement, it is very important to make sure that you know beforehand which materials are suitable for the construction. This is because the construction of a basement is not the same as building another room because it has a location that is pressed by the main materials in the construction of the house above it. Therefore choose a solid foundation that can support heavy loads such as sheet piles, or a material made of steel.

Humidity in the Basement

Another thing you need to pay attention to is the humidity of the room. This is a problem that is often found in various basements. Not only building windows, you can also paint basement walls using a layer of water-repellent paint. For this reason, you should not install wallpaper because this can accelerate the growth of mold in damp corners.