Recognize the Best Types of Wood for Room Furniture

Arsitek Indo Kontaktor I Architect and Contractor Services – Wood was chosen to be used as furniture material because it was durable and resistant to loads, besides that, because of its various features and high aesthetics, so many people chose this material to be used as a material for their residential furniture.

Teak wood

Who doesn’t know this type of wood? Teak is very well known for its strong durability and luxurious appearance. Teak is also resistant to water, mildew and weather changes. So that the texture, density, and color do not change easily even though it has been used for decades. The high price is clearly proportional to the quality of the furniture that you will get.


Ironwood is also popular for its resistance to water and termites, so it is not surprising that this type of wood is known as iron wood. The various color variations of ironwood make it often relied on as a furniture material. There are ironwood which is dark brown (ironwood wax), reddish brown (ironwood tando), light brown (ironwood lime), and yellowish (ironwood copper).


One of the most traditional woods in making furniture is mahogany. This wood with a charming appearance has a character that is lighter and smoother than other types of wood, but has the same resistance as oak. Usually the color of this wood looks reddish brown, although some are lighter in color. This wood can be quite expensive due to its rare availability.

Maple wood

Maple is a type of wood with a characteristic bright color. The characteristics of this wood are classified as heavy, hard, and moisture-proof. So it is not surprising that maple is often used as a base for furniture. There will be no significant changes in the quality and texture of maple furniture even if you use it for many years.

Oak wood

Discussing wood for furniture is certainly not complete without mentioning oak. This heavy wood is often used for furniture because it looks special and has good durability. The large oak pores give your furniture a unique feel. There are two types of oak used for furniture: white oak, which is a lighter color and red oak, which has a light reddish brown color.


As one of the superior qualities, sandalwood has very distinctive characteristics compared to other types of wood so that it is in great demand. This wood has a distinctive aroma so it smells good. Not only that, this wood is not too heavy so it is very suitable for home furniture.

Whatever the type of wood, make sure that you choose the most high-quality furniture that suits your needs. The right wooden furniture will enhance the atmosphere of your personal residence.