Solar Panel Maintenance FAQ

Solar panels can be a great investment and provide reliable, renewable energy to power your home for many years to come. It is possible to wonder how to maintain solar panels to make sure they work efficiently. Are they like your car that needs regular maintenance?

ESD Solar’s solar team can help you with all your questions about solar panel maintenance.

Here Are Some FAQ About Solar Panel Maintenance

Here are some common questions we receive about solar panel maintenance at ESD Solar.

Are Solar Panels Required To Be Maintained?

Solar panels don’t require much maintenance. However, they do need to be cleaned periodically to remove any dirt, eaves or other debris that could block the sun’s rays.

You may require more maintenance if your panels’ energy output begins to decline or a storm like hurricane has passed through.

How Do You Maintain Solar Panels?

Rainwater will remove most of the debris from solar panels that are tilted. You will have to clean your solar panels manually during dry seasons or periods of no rain.

Your solar panels should be cleaned between 2 and 4 times per year. Good news! It’s easy. You only need to spray your panels with a garden hose and they will be ready for the sun’s rays.

In cold weather, you should not use hot water for cleaning your solar panels. They are made from tempered glass and could crack.

What Does The Weather Do To Solar Panels?

Solar panels can withstand any weather conditions, including rain and wind. Even hurricanes can withstand!

Solar panels aren’t indestructible. They can be damaged by lightning, storms, tornadoes, and tails. You should be able to get the panels replaced or repaired as long as your warranty is good or your homeowner’s insurance covers them.

Ironically, solar panels are most affected by heat. Your solar panels’ efficiency will drop by approximately 1% per degree if the temperature is higher than 90 degrees. Your solar panels can be elevated a few inches higher than your roof or ground to allow air to circulate. This will help cool them and keep their efficiency.

What is the maintenance difference between ground and roof panels? Are Roof Panels more maintenance-friendly than the ground?

Ground-mounted solar panels can be easier to maintain than roof-mounted ones.

You can sweep up any debris that has built up with a broom. A roof-mounted system will require you to do this!

What Is The Standard Warranty For Solar Panels?

A good warranty for your solar panels is essential when you go solar. This is vital because your solar panels will lose efficiency over time and you may need professional maintenance, which could cost you thousands of dollars.

ESD Solar offers a competitive 25-year production and performance warranty, as well as a 10-year workmanship warranty.

How can I monitor the health of my solar panels?

A solar panel monitoring system is a great way to track the energy produced by your panels. Monitoring your system will allow you to see which external factors affect your panels’ performance, and how they perform throughout their lifetime.

You will be notified by the monitoring system if your panels are not working properly.

How Do I Repair Or Replace Solar Panels?

ESD Solar can help you repair or replace your solar panels. ESD Solar will assess your problem and repair or replace your panels. Your homeowners’ insurance may cover damaged panels.

If you don’t have the necessary experience with solar systems, don’t try to install or fix solar panels.

Florida Solar Panel Installation And Maintenance

It is very easy to maintain your solar panel system. ESD Solar is a trusted company that can install and maintain your solar panel system. Don’t forget to get a warranty.

This post was written by Daniel Massaad, owner and expert solar technician at Energy Solutions Direct! ESD is one of the premier solar companies in Tampa Florida! Our licensed and certified contractors are masters of their craft; with years of experience servicing the great Tampa Bay area and beyond, the choice is simple. ESD excels at offering you the best in solar value!