Your plumbing will make noises from the water moving through the pipes when the water heater is filling. Some noises can indicate serious underlying problems that need to be addressed immediately by a qualified plumber. Clog Kings Plumbing lists some strange sounds to be on the lookout for:


It is usually caused by a water hammer or hydraulic shock. This happens when water flow is disrupted by suddenly closing off a faucet or valve. This disrupted water flow causes a pressure wave to travel through the pipes, which results in a loud bang.

This might not be a serious plumbing repair but we recommend that clients have an expert install an anti-hammer device. You can also clamp the pipes to the wall, or add support brackets.


This is similar to someone emptying a water container. This is usually a sign of clogs in the pipes. Although the clog may seem small, it is important to contact a professional plumber to prevent it from getting worse.


Whistling noises could indicate that washers are broken near your dishwasher or washing machine. It is usually caused by worn or loose nuts and bolts. Slow drainage is an indication of a clog in the pipes. Get in touch with plumbing professionals immediately to fix the problem. Otherwise, your appliances may fail earlier than you expected or you might have backups.


Plumbers attach pipes to floors, walls, and ceilings with fasteners during installation. These fasteners can become loose or detached from the lines and cause pipes to vibrate, resulting in a rattling sound. High water pressure can also cause this noise, which can lead to your pipes bursting if left untreated. Do not wait for an emergency to happen. Get it fixed immediately.

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