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bathroom repair

If it’s pitted or corroded then you definitely’ll have to observe and see if the brand new gasket will seal properly. Got the “worst feeling” you mention when my son alerted me to stains on the family room ceiling immediately beneath considered one of two upstairs bathtubs.

However, after just lately replacing a bathtub drain utilizing silicone caulk and having it leak into the downstairs ceiling, I’ll gladly attempt the plumber’s putty once more. See if you can take aside the bathtub shoe and match it with a substitute half on the ironmongery shop or plumbing store. Also, verify to verify the underside of the bathtub is easy the place the gasket would sit.

It takes some true Magnum PI abilities to seek out the leak then you’ll be able to repair it. My main concern is the expansion of mildew inside that wall or over your drywall. This is probably essentially the most useful tutorial I’ve found on removing and changing a bathtub drain. I actually discovered this after I did it besides I used caulk instead of plumbers putty. If not, a minimum of I know tips on how to do it and can go back and do it over once more with putty. Great query Gary, I’d attempt to take away the rust with a scotchbrite pad or emery cloth. Initially the leak on this tutorial was the bathtub shoe BUT over time, for whatever cause, the bathtub developed a crack in it.

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I’d remove that part of drywall to investigate where the leak is coming from inside the tub. You may need a water supply line leak or a leak at the mixing valve. There could also be a small pinhole leak within the copper pipe or at a fitting.

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bathroom repair

A plumber is coming and I hope it’s just the drain that wants repairing. The strainer fingers on it corroded a number of years in the past so hopefully he can get it out. If you haven’t already carried out so you would possibly need to snake the bathtub drain and see if there’s a clog deep down in the pipe.

Also, if you have an access panel you should examine the pipes for any leaks. Thanks so much for your query, and certainly not am I the Wizard of Oz of plumbing-LOL. If so, you might not want to replace the tub shoe gasket but when your tub is means old then a brand new shoe night be needed. At this point, I put the bathtub strainer screen back onto the drain flange and crammed the bath till the water level reached the underside of the overflow cover plate. When you do this the plumber’s putty with be squeezed around the bathtub shoe tube gasket and create a flexible water-tight seal. Now that every little thing was clear I inserted the drain flange back into the threaded bathtub shoe tube and tightened it with the drain wrench. Since my tenant takes baths and mentioned the leak is sluggish I decided to see what would happen once the bathtub was stuffed with water.